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Finding factory ammo scarce and too spendy a few years back, I got the Lee dies and .32-20 brass. The Nagant load is one of the easiest to load for - once you get past the desire (there's no NEED for it) to try doing the orignal crimp for gas sealing. No other revolver uses gas sealing, the Nagant does not need it either - not for range shooting and plinking. I seat the bullet normally, so as to clear the cylinder front. No need to seat all the way inside the case.
My revolver works fine with .32-20 brass, no shaving of the rims needed. A buddy casts our bullets, but I also bought several hundred Magtech .32 bullets. With some 300 brass cases, I expect the low pressure to enable them to last as long as will be shooting.
Our pet load clocks some 750 FPS, so it's no barn burner.....

Works for me, and it's CHEAP.
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