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I don't have a favorite caliber, I have a number of rifles and all have their own application.

my 9mm AR is going to prove it's worth against deer this fall as soon as I develop a good load for it

my 223 AR is my go to coyote gun and has proven it's worth as a deer rifle

my AK clone is more of a plinker but it's great for squirrel, rock chucks, and other pests

22lr is plinkin and cheap practice

my remington 700 in 243 was my go to deer gun for years and if I ever get lucky enough to draw for bighorn sheep then that is going to be my go to gun. it's not bad for wolf either

my enfield NO4 in 303 brit is my favorite rifle to shoot and is probably going to win out for go to bear gun this year.

my springfield 1903 is my latest bolt gun and is perfectly suited to it's role as a safe queen and maybe a deer rifle if I ever get a wild hair someday

my weatherby vanguard in 300 WTBY MAG is my kill anything in north america rifle and is going to serve it's purpose for elk and god willing moose.

my most recent longarm is a mossberg 535 in real tree camo dip and telescopic stock which is my resident turkey splatter.

variety is the spice of life...or something like that
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