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Lovely eyes

During WW I, UB-II commander Oberleutant Werner Furbringer was told:

"I think you have the most lovely eyes." I was taken somewhat aback. "I'm going to have some painted on my boat too, above a shark's mouth.". My friend had meant the eyes of my boat UB-2 now lying in the yard at Bruges. I had had black-white-red roundels stuck each side of the bow well forward to serve as an identification symbol. The eyes, together with the convex nose of UB-2, gave the boat a rather whale-like appearance. Valentiner's boat with eyes and shark's mouth would definitely look like some kind of sea monster. However, I had some more urgent business to attend to than boats' markings.
The book is, Fips: Legendary U-Boat Commander, translated by Brooks.
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