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Batch calls for sliced lean Flank steak or Top or Bottom cut of sirloin (roast.) 2-4 lbs. The leaner cuts of meat make the Best Jerky. Turkey breast qualify's too.
Cut of meat to be used should be in a semi frozen state enough to allow for easy cutting.
Remove as much fat from the meats surface as you can before slicing into 1/8th-1/4" thick strips.
For best results cut meat "long >with the grain" Not against its grain. Reason too: Chewier.
Remember this red meat will indeed exhibit shrinkage after processing.

2-TBL Wrights (brand) Liquid Smoke.
1-TBL Garlic Power.
1-TBL Black Pepper.
1-TBL Accent (band) food flavor enhancer
2-TBL Jane’s Mixed-up Crazy Salt (brand)
1-Med Onion chopped coarsely.
½ cup Soy Sauce
¼ cup of Worcestershire Sauce
2-cups (cold) Tap water
2-TBL Molasses or (Dark Brown Sugar) Can use Splenda at 1/2 or 2/3s measured amount listed.
Recipe makes about 1 quart of brine. Remember to save about 1/2 of your brine mix for the 3rd days soaking period.

For a Hot Jerky add one item only of the following:
1-teas Dried Red Hot Peppers.
1-teas Tabasco Hot Sauce.
1-teas Louisiana Hot Sauce.
1-small Hot Banana Pepper.

Put entire Brine Mixture into a Blender and blend until onion looks pulpy looking.
Layer meat in a tightly covered Tupperware bowl. Splash a little brine in-between each layer. Criss/crossing each layer.
Keep meat refrigerated at all times while brine'ing
Shake the meat up at least -- 2-3 times a day during its brine’ing period.
Change brine on the 3rd day again layering meat back into the bowl. Let meat soak 1- additional day in new brine. Shake meat 1-2 times more on the last day.
Do not wipe or rinse the meat. Let meat drip-dry onto news paper, paper toweling, even clean grocery paper bags will work prior to drying or smoking.
Keep your Jerky refrigerated to help hold its freshness.

This is a strong good tasting jerky mix. One of the first recipes I tried years ago and still make occasionally. "Kids love it."

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