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Anyone showing up at a NRA function dressed like that guy should be asked to change clothes or leave. The only explanation the guy deserves is, "That’s not what we are about." If he refuses, he should be told to leave.

Several years ago a friend pointed out the same point icedog made about the magazine. It was a "I’ll be damned" moment for me because I’d never really noticed.
Problem is, how is this properly addressed? We need to make sure that black people feel welcome, but over representation of black members in pictures runs the risk of being accused of exploitation.

My .02 : I think most people don’t notice the absence of things that don’t directly relate to them. For me, the race of people in the pictures had just faded into the background. Mostly I was looking at the guns and the occasional babe in an ad. An avenue should be made by NRA for black members to provide input on how the organization could be tweaked to make them feel more welcome.
NRA did this with women pretty successfully, why not black people and any other demographic? Speaking of which … we still need more babes in the ads .
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