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Boosted how do you reload Nagant brass?
I'm not Boosted, but I do load Nagant Brass.

I use Nagant Dies sold by Lee. I don't have a carbine sizing die so I lightly lube the cases with RCBS case lube.

I then deprime and size the cases. I use the powder charging and belling die for the Lee set to slightly bell the cases, then insert the primer. I drop the powder though the Lee die.

I then move the case to the seating die, seating the bullet flush with the mouth of the case.

The crimping die then crimps the case after I set it up to match the crimp of factory bullets.

An additional step I use, in insure a tight bullet and smooth chambering, is to use a M1 Carbine Die taper crimping die to put a slight taper crimp on the case. This helps in gripping the bullet.

I also load modified 32-20 cases. The only difference is that I trim about .010 off the back of the rim of the case. I've found that if you barley remove the markings on the back of the rim, its enough for the brass to function in the Nagant Revolver.

I tried Trailboss but I didn't like the accuracy I was getting. I now use 231. I adjust the powder charge to give me the same velocity of the factory ammo.

Here is a target I shot with the above loading procedure fired at 15 yards (45 feet). Single action, I can't hit poop when I shoot that sucker double action with its 437 lbs double action trigger.

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