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lol thanks for the info, but i wasn't suggesting that IIII was going to convert one.... not in the least..

i guess what i meant is, if i'm purchasing one, how do I know for sure that it wasn't.

and that was answered with "der be a dayum paeper trale" or something to that effect lol.

cutting the expense of the firearm out of the equation, and cutting the popular topic of PRISON out of the equation as well,

Allow me to ask my question again.

I have LLC's......... i have a clean legal record.

Where do i start???????

I'm more interested in a suppressor at the moment than a machine gun, i was asking about it for information sake.

again... Texas.

some say trusts, but, they need to be "set up correctly" but i don't have any info as to how to "correctly" set it up, or what they meant by it..

other's say Corporation or LLC, but... is it just a matter of putting the name of the LLC on the paperwork when i buy it through my FFL store? or do i need to specifically have an LLC that says something specific about purchase and possession of fire arms and related equipment?

i.e. if i have an LLC that is registered for motorcycle repair in austin tx, can i have that LLC own a silencer and eventually machine guns? or do i need to start an LLC specifically that says "fire arms dealer" or what??

thanks guys
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