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lead in blood, now 20

Old Thread of mine. I am glad I made it as there is a lots of info here as well as a time line. Ill see if I can figure out how to make a new thread that links to this one. Meanwhile I have to report that my blood lead level went up to 20 from 17. Although I have taken some precautions I did move the casting pot into the garage. I am convinced that is most of it. Despite keeping the bay door and the side door open I must have inhaled a lot of lead. The other methods of ingesting lead just dont add up; the range gets a A plus from the testing authority, and the owner went to great pains to vent well when he built it. The primers do count, and I regularly throw out my tumbling media. Heavy metal soap is a help, however I cant argue with the test results. Now I have to drop casting for a while, maybe a year to see if it drops. I am also drinking milk again.
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