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They are, but that's changing. The gun culture is diversifying, and if that's to continue, the onus is on us to shed the stereotypical frothing hillbilly image the media loves to attach to us.
I agree Tom , but we as an organization also need to help shed it as well. As a minority member, when I pick up my copy of American Rifleman, all I see are people who don't resemble my demographic. The NRA, if it indeed wants more members, to show this diversity, it needs to be more aggressive in recruitment as well. Use more minorities in the ads. Don't put a minority up on stage at a SHOT Show or convention and say "Look, we got one, you should join too".
The NRA doesn't do itself any favors helping to shed the sterotype. Look, if media is what people respond to, then use the media you OWN to combat popular perception.
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