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I think one problem though is few Americans understand how such laws work and the antis are using that confusion to lie about what Stand Your Ground laws cover.
You can tell that from some of the comments, as well as Josh Sugarmann's articles on the same site. One of my reservations about the law at inception was the very name. "Stand Your Ground" was a bit over-the-top, and it's telling that Georgia chose instead to name their version "No Duty to Retreat."

In any case, it's unavoidable that the antis will do what they can to distort fact and intent. Heck, in this climate, they're grabbing for whatever fading relevance they can, and this is an opportunity for them to gain some mindshare. I'm not sure they'll have much success, but it's up to us (as usual!) to counter emotional distortions with calm facts.
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