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OK, some quick ground rules if this thread is to continue:
  • We are not discussing the details or merits of the Zimmerman case
  • We are not discussing general race issues
  • We are not discussing Ann Coulter's politics, personal habits, or appearance.

The idea that gun control is based on racial bias is nothing new. In fact, the racially-motivated disarmament of recently freed blacks was one of the motivators for the authors of the 14th Amendment. Back then, there was no question that the 2nd Amendment guaranteed an individual right to bear arms, and Bingham and the other sponsors were motivated in part by their dismay over often forcible disarmament taking place in Alabama and several other states.

As of now, minorities in the NRA are, well, in the minority
They are, but that's changing. The gun culture is diversifying, and if that's to continue, the onus is on us to shed the stereotypical frothing hillbilly image the media loves to attach to us.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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