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Stand your ground laws do not establish any rights. The Constitution recognizes and guarantees our inalienable rights (immunities) and establishes other rights with respect to the government which would not exist without the existence of the government (privileges).

No law, government, or any other earthly authority granted you your inalienable rights. They are as much a part of you as your body or mind. The religious can thank God for being given them. The non-religious can be happy that they are part of their nature as human beings.

Pursuit of happiness/ right to property - The right to property includes all things (both tangible and intangible) which you can call "yours" : from your personal desires, ideas, sense of honor, and religious beliefs to your body and material possessions.
Pursuit of happiness includes your ability to extend your influence through these "things" by interaction with others. Among others, it includes the rights to free speech, to engage in commerce, and to peaceably assemble. The "pursuit of happiness" can be expressed as a right to growth in moral, spiritual, familial, social and financial concerns, but its aspects are innumerable.
The pursuit of happiness is reliant upon the right to property, since without the right to property ownership is dissolved, and you cannot even own yourself. True citizenship becomes impossible and citizens are reduced to subjects.
Self ownership is the essence of freedom and the only absolute freedom a person can rightfully have. (Until such time as he gets married, anyway…)

"Property" in the Constitution was already mentioned.
As an aside, the first right enumerated by the Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress:"That they are entitled to life, liberty, and property, and they have never ceded to any sovereign power whatever a right to dispose of either without their consent."
I would submit that We the people of the United States, have still not ceded a right to dispose of these things without our consent.
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