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Any half-witted criminal who wants a machine gun to commit a crime will just make one for that purpose. No one is going to go out, get finger printed, photographed, wait 3 months, endure an FBI background check, pay the government $200, a transfer dealer $100+, set up a Trust or get a CLEO sigh-off, and pay a minimum of $3,500 just obtain a tool for stealing money.

Legal machine guns are not now nor ever were a threat to anyone. Prohibiting civilians from legally owning them is stupid, nanny-state paranoia and tyrant-like. Furthermore, the '86 machine gun ban means your government wants civilians to own only machine guns that are inferior, prone to breaking, worn out, less reliable and potentially more dangerous than modern made full-autos. Yeah, your government really cares about you!

When and where were people required to own weapons?
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