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Training & use of force...

A major problem, in my opine, is the clear lack of focus or lack of skill training by many US gun owners RE: use of force, threat management, levels of force, etc.

Many US citizens buy a firearm, get ammunition, buy a case or a small safe then THAT'S IT!

I read a article a few years ago in a gun press publication of a guy who carefully unloaded & a secured a COCKED, fully loaded .357magnum revolver an older neighbor left in a bedroom drawer for 20 years!
These incidents & lack of proper(safe) methods will only allow left-wing and anti-2A groups to steamroll over gun owners/armed citizens in the next few years.
More responsible license holders & gun industry members(FFL holders, gun club members, etc) should teach safe gun use to new owners/hunters and be in front of the issue.
Classes & skill training cost $$$ but more armed citizens & 2A supporters should be aware of the laws, SOPs, safety, etc.

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