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right & wrong...

The main problem I see with the "ave of escape" or flee type actions is that as an armed citizen or license holder, you do not honestly know who or what may be outside your home/property. As a recent gun magazine item stated, many violent crooks go in packs or pairs. If you flee a scene, could you realistically face more danger?
Consider the brutal attack-home invasion in CT with the 2 savage animals who restrainted the home owner(doctor) then raped & murdered the female family members. How would an "escape" or for the family to flee the property worked? I'd add that the violent subjects also burned the house before they left.
My point is that in a home or property, you can apply a castle doctrine or stand your ground a lot clearer than a street altercation or fight where you may have time or a way to avoid a conflict.
Criminal courts, civil court rooms and many prisons are filled with people who feel their actions were justified or prudent.

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