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awesome... learned a lot already. lol thanks guys.


i guess i'll check out some of the other threads.

if anyone else has pointers please feel free to post, i'm brand new to this concept.

as for the 86 machine gun ban, i was 5 years old at the time, but i do remember it happening. i just don't know the specifics of the laws other than -86 pre ban +86 post ban..

so does it still apply today that you cannot get a post 86 automatic weapon? or are there some that are transferable?

I mean, for example, how difficult is it to legally obtain a modern style full auto AR-15 without a class 3 ffl? something made since, say 2005 rather than a vietnam era M-16 lol. (which would be cool too though)

not saying that's my goal, but i'm curious anyhow.
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