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Hard to believe the GUN LAWS can/are being blamed.
I wouldn't say they are being blamed, but I would say they seem to be serving as a handy scape-goat.

Happens time and time again: something happens, public outrage (sometimes with, sometimes without media fanning the flames), and the authorities look for something to appease the masses. Roads, security, health, education: same trick can work for them all....

Most of the public in most countries are quickly satisfied with the appearance of action even if it does little to solve/address the initial issue.

Politicians will often go for the action that will catch the most headlines, not which is the most effective at correcting the problem, or even finding out if there is problem to start with... sometimes it is simply a case of s**t happens...

I think this is what is happening here: "look, look, people of Florida: we are doing something!!! Just don't spend too long thinking about what it is..."

I think the only gun related question I can think of is should Zimmerman be the kind of person running around with one, especially as a representative of safety in his community? Did he have the judgement for that role?

For me, that is a subject requiring scrutiny of Zimmerman and community watch procedure (for example should they always work in pairs, should video equipment be mandatory etc), rather than state-wide gun policy....
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