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In this video, you see shooters who actually know how to handle a pump shot gun.


Contrast the above with this shooter who, for some reason, decided to make a demonstration video showing us nothing but his inability to really handle the shotgun well--shouldn't knock him, I guess, I started shooting that way, too.

The Wannabe.

I'm an 870 man myself, but the Mossberg 590 works just fine. Yes, it takes practice to get the timing right, but the shotgun beats the .357 carbine hands down for those trained to use it properly.

Don't care for a 24# bbl. The 18" bbl. is much easier to use at close quarters. Barrel should be slightly over 18" to keep you out of tbl. with the Feds.

If I was going to use a short bbl. Carbine in .357, I like CorBon's DPX which is mid range between .38 +P and full power .357.

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