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hotel security plans, ideas...

I can't speak for all areas of protection or crime prevention but I have worked security details in several hotel & resort properties and can add this input about security-defense;

Check the lighting day & night. Proper lights(bright enough to read a magazine or paper) help deter most criminals and will allow you to be alert to serious problems. If the lights are dim or out of order, change rooms or avoid the property. Also watch for dark spots or areas where a person may conceal themselves.
When you check into a big hotel or large resort, ask for a room or suite between the 4th & 10th floor(s). Many petty thieves or criminals(rapists, sex offenders, perverts, etc) want fast, easy access to the floors & spaces. Over 3/4 floors could take to long to flee or avoid security/local law enforcement in a dispute. A room below the 10th floor works good because you can still escape a hotel fire or major emergency quickly. A security expert I saw on TV made those points & to me, it makes a lot of sense.
Secure your room & vehicle(s) and do NOT leave high value items in plain view. Doing security work in a high tourist area, I've seen many guests leave cameras, computers, gear, tools, firearms, jewelry, etc in the open of cars or in open rooms. It sounds simple but you'd be surprised how often it occurs.

Finally, I'd add that if you spend an extra $20-30.00 you may have a safer/better stay than trying to "go cheap" & be surrounded by scummy/unstable people. As a hotel security guard, I had many guests gripe about $ then be concerned about every noise or person they saw.
I know times are tough but a safe, secure environment is worth the extra $.
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