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FL, stand your ground & avenue of escapes...

I agree with the basic points of the topic post but the problem nationwide is many people(gun owners & non-gun owners/left-wingers) do not fully understand the stated purpose/intent of "stand your ground" laws.
Prior to the 2005 Florida stand-your-ground law(s), sworn LE pushed citizens to use an; "avenue of escape" or do all required/available to avoid a lethal force event. These standards are not & were not practical to the armed citizen in all crimes(car jackings, armed robbery, home invasion, etc).
I agree though that; "stand your ground" laws do NOT condone or authorize license holders/armed citizens to chase subjects down the street or ambush/booby-trap them.
A USMC veteran & federal employee(Dept of Energy material courier) was arrested & prosecuted for using a firearm against a home-breaker in New Mexico. The former Marine shot at a subject as he fled from the property.

All US gun owners & armed professionals(security officers, military, LE, corrections, etc) should get skill training and learn the local use of force(lethal force) laws. 2nd hand stories, rumors, cop shows, and macho talk will not defend your actions in a criminal-civil court. Be smart!

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