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Without "stand your ground" (whether or not it is specifically stated in the law), you have no right to be where you are.
If you cannot protect your life when threatened, you have no right to life.
If you cannot protect your property, you have no right to hold your property.
A duty to retreat on public property, dissolves any right to common use of same.
If you are prevented from exercising your rights, you have no right to liberty.

Life, liberty, and property are inalienable rights that are supposedly protected and guaranteed in the US Constitution.
They are not granted by the Constitution, but inalienable from the individual man.
Inalienable in the sense that they cannot rightfully be separated from the individual man except by his own willful forfeiture.
Inalienable in the sense that without these rights (and innumerable others) an individual cannot fully function as a man.
Without them a person could, at most, be 3/5 ths of a man, and owned by those who regulate his actions.

That said, we must not always exercise our rights to their fullest, but we must retain that ability if we are to have liberty. The greatest part of human nature and another right inalienable to man is the ability to self-sacrifice. Whether it is the self-sacrifice of not exercising our rights to the fullest in order to show mercy, sacrificing property to show charity, or the ability to perform innumerable other good deeds; we must have the liberty to do so. Removal of liberty in the name of a more humane society removes our humanity in the process.
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