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Best Rifle Scope Under $200?

I am buying a new Savage 93 chambered in .22 wmr and am looking for a good quality scope under $200. Even cheaper than that if possible. I know this is may be unreasonable, but I like the idea of a mil-dot scope (although I can probably live without that if needed) and the illuminated reticle seems like it would come in handy since I do most of my hunting (as in 4/5 shots) at night. I also refuse to buy another scope without finger adjustable turrets or zero-reset function (too much of a pain) so I'd like a scope with that too. By the way, I'm hunting rabbits, squirrels, birds, raccoons, the occasional coyote and smaller-sized hogs (larger small-sized game I try to shoot within 75 yards at least). I'm looking for a 3-9, 3-12 or anything in that range with some of these features I listed above. I'm willing to listen and take suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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