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I know what you're saying ProfMarvel. But the only problem with ignoring them is that they then disseminate wrong information to others who might believe what they read because they don't know better. I laud you for trying to correct their error and hold them in contempt for banning you for doing so.

Now of course a technically incorrect article by some ignorant writer who by inference claims to know guns, but actually doesn't, giving the public wrong information, is not going to highly impact our country, raise taxes or impact the price of gas. But still....we should as you did, take every opportunity to correct misstatements by people writing about guns. Most importantly so when it comes to refuting anti-gunners. It may seem like a small and perceived as unimportant in the instance of were they Colt Walkers, or were they G&G's or L&R's, but misinformation is misinformation and when it comes to misinformation being written about guns, we should always strive to correct that.

What's that old saying? "The only thing necessary for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing".

You're a good man ProfMarvel because at least you tried to do something to correct it.

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