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Just checked out my first 9mm reloads...

I've just recently started reloading. I've built up a stash of brass & dies over the years, but had not gotten around to really getting started. The impetus for finally diving in was ordering a 300 BLK upper. It is still on BO, so I've only done a few sample rounds and have started doing some pistol calibers.

The only loads I've tested so far have been a couple of loads for the 9mm using the 125 grain, 18 BH Missouri Bullet Co. "small ball" LRN.

I found the ogive on those is so rounded it was necessary to load them pretty short to keep the bullet off the lands. I tried a few depths on various gun chambers until I got drop in chambering on all I checked and found I needed to keep the OAL down in the 1.106 - 1.11 ballpark to make things work right. This is still not so short as to compress the Bullseye loads I've tried so far.

The two charge weight I've tried are 4.2 & 4.4 grains of Bullseye. Function with both charge weights has been fine with a Ruger P95, a Keltec PF9 and a Keltec Sub2000 16" carbine.

I just picked up a CE ProChrono Digital this week (figured I needed to if I was going to be serious), so I gave it a test with these two loads. The 4.2 grain load showed an average vel. of 1091 fps with the 3.9" P95 and 1315 fps with the 16" Sub2K. The 4.4 load yieded an average of 1126 fps with the P95 & 1356 with the Sub2K.

So far I'm pretty happy with this. No pressure signs & a better velocity consistency than the commercial Winchester & Remington 9mm that I had also run across the Chrono (commercial ES of 35 & 36 fps, reloads ES of 5 & 8 fps with the P95). No info on accuracy just yet, I've only done the function & velocity testing.

The next trip I'll try the starting loads I've done with .38 special LSWC & .45 ACP FMJ using Bullseye & the .357 JHP load with H-110 (same as I'm using for 300 BLK).

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