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One of the premium hollow-point rounds that is reliable in your weapon.

0. Premium HP.
1. Reliable in THAT weapon(a).

After that thins the herd, apply the following filters:

2. No bad habits (like ejecting the spent & hot case on top of the shooter's head, spent case slung to the South 40 or barely gets out of the chamber to dribble down the side of the weapon).
3. Acceptable accuracy.

As for particular loads, the Rem Golden Sabre line seems across-the-board reliable, likely in part due to its curved bullet shape vs some of the others' truncated cone shape.

(a) How reliable is up to the user. (There is Ayoob's "200 rounds, 100% reliable metric as a rule of thumb). After pistol break-in or refurb (springs, etc) I put a few boxes of blasting ammo through it to make sure it is broken in. I then buy a few single boxes of various premium "social" ammo. I shoot them up, looking for bad habits & accuracy. Any reliability issues traceable to ammo disqualifies that make/model. Any bad habits are disqualifying. Of the remainder, I compare accuracy and buy a few boxes of the most accurate and test it later, too. Any reliability problems discovered would send me to the next make/model.
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