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Lefty Galco Shoulder Rig Question

I'm looking into getting a shoulder rig for my Springfield Mil-Spec 5" 1911. I already have a great IWB holster for it, but sometimes it's just so uncomfortable (mainly behind the wheel). I'm mostly looking into the Galco Jackass for the diagonal draw. However, being a lefty has it's drawbacks. My question(s):

On the Galco site, it says I must order the components separately to "build" a lefty rig. I'm wondering if I do this, does Galco assemble the rig? Or do I receive the components separately and build it myself? If so, what sort of work goes into assembling the setup? Also, I know that Galco claims their shoulder rigs are designed for "hammer down" carry, but does anyone have experience with carrying Condition One with the Jackass rig? Thanks in advance.
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