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No, the closest thing we have is the national guard and I'm glad you served. Perpetual service is not necessary, however. Maybe we ought to have mandatory service in the national guard.

George Mason, writing a very long time ago, stressed that the militia absolutely be under government control. I keep wondering why he stressed that so much, given what the history of the colonies had been up to that point. He didn't want private armies. Yet some years later, there were in fact private militias that more or less amounted to hired guns for corporations. That was during times of violent labor problems. Since unions have pretty much been killed off for all practical purposes, there is probably little chance of things like that happening again (I hope).

As for myself, a few years after I got out of the regular army, I also served in the national guard. The armory was located at 2001 East Capital Street, Washington, DC.

I was hoping someone would come along and tell me about their Madsen.
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