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Here is another bit of speculation.....

Be careful here because I am making some generalizations and that has to be considered.

As I got back into the present used revolver market I developed the opinion that a used revolver of a given type (1858 Remington, 1860 Colt etc) is worth about fifty dollars less than one could buy an equivalent model new. So when Cabela's was selling their steel 1860 and 1858s for right around 200.00 I was buying excellent condition used pistols for 150.00. That was almost without regard to the manufacturer The exception is that there are some whose value is far higher because of either quality or rarety. (Witness Lyman, Centaure, some Ubertis)

So now that Cabela's is back up to 250.00 to 270.00, by my rule (which is only right for me) a steel frame Remington in the condition of Capper's ought to be worth around 200.00.

I think in a used steel revolver of the type of which I am speaking, condition is everything.

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