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The few gun stores left in Milwaukee just suck when you get out of the county they do get better about the only place to get a deal in Milwaukee is Dunham’s
the wife didn’t even want to fly into Miami
I started to say that we wouldn’t need to worry it all depends on what area’s you go into but then recalled all the stories on the news about how they target tourists and people in rental cars
But I was told something new Monday afternoon
You can get a passport the same day
I had always thought that it took 6-10 weeks and I never renewed mine when it expired
If you go to the regional passport office with proof of travel you can get a passport the same day
So I booked an all-inclusive trip to Cancun so no shopping for c&r’s or wind chines but she is really excited about going
In the fall will have to plan on going to the Smokey mountains think j&g or buds could be worked into that trip and never know what you might find at a little pawn shop
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