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I have to laugh at the Authoritative AR15 Experts and no one else knows what theya re talking about.

Not sure how many have shot someone in a SD with a 9mm (and it makes no difference its the overall statistics that are important not a single event)

Same experts will tell you that 357 Sig, 40S&W and 45 is more lethal than a 9mm when real world shooting situations show that 9mm is as lethal.

What the real experts say is 124 gr is the best round for the 9mm. Not on paper or gel tests but in the real world. The combination of velocity and weight. 147 does work, but not overall as well as 124. 9mm was never intended to move a bullet that heavy. Wonders of technology that they can make a sub sonic round expand at all.

Also, any of the SD rounds from 115 to 130 will do just fine.

Keep in mind that we are not shooing through barriers, nor want to penetrate them in an SD situation.

I like GS in the 124 gr as it is the least expensive and it has 25 round box and it has been 100% reliable (single most important aspect, if it is not reliable then its not the best round for YOUR gun)

While I reload, I do not carry my reloads in the magazine in the gun (I do have some on and off in a spare).

My take is that I think the mfg ammo is more consistent. 9mm is hard one to reload well.
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