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You'll find your answer HERE from the experts. Everything else is just personal opinion

  • Barnes XPB 115gr HP (35515) loaded by Cor-Bon (DPX09115)
  • Winchester Partition Gold 124gr JHP (RA91P)
  • Winchester Ranger-T 124 gr +P JHP (RA9124TP)
  • Winchester Ranger-T 127gr JHP +P+ (RA9TA)
  • Winchester Ranger-T 147gr JHP (RA9T)
  • Winchester Bonded 147gr JHP (RA9B/Q4364)
  • Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP +P (53617)
  • Speer Gold Dot 147gr JHP (53619)
  • Remington Golden Saber 147gr JHP (GS9MMC)
  • Federal Tactical 124gr JHP (LE9T1)
  • Federal Tactical 135gr JHP +P (LE9T5)
  • Federal HST 147gr JHP (P9HST2)
My personal preference is W-W 147gr & 127gr +P+ Ranger-T, Remington 147gr Golden Saber or Federal 147gr HST
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