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Bill Akins wrote:
>Whoever wrote that Van Damme was using Walkers doesn't know what they
> are talking about....
>How could IMFDB be so sloppy ignorant as to call Van Damme's G&G's or
>Leech and Rigdon's as Walkers? I am tired of movie people and writers being
> ignorant and lacking in proper research.

I too noted that Van Damme appeared to have G&G or L&R based on a number of video snips.

Over a month ago, I pointed this out to the guy at IMFDB who wrote the article (an admin BTW), and I was ignored.

I obtained a login and corrected the article, siting supportive evidence & photos. For my efforts, the article was reverted and I was permanently banned as a troll!

I protested politely and in detail to another admin (the eldest on the site by his own admission ~ 40 ish) and was still ignored.

I can only conclude that the IMFDB is being run by a band of youngsters whose expertise amounts to some modern weapons and 'Net searches. I have found other entries in the IMFDB that contradict the defintive entries by industry experts in "Janes", but I no longer care.

I have decided to adopt the approach of "Mind Over Matter" -
I don't mind, 'cuz they don't matter.
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