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I've killed deer with handgun, shotgun slug, muzzleloader and centerfire rifles over a 30 year period. I just went back through all my notes, and found the longest shot was 200 yards with a .270, and the shortest was 45 yards with a 44 mag handgun. The average for all of them came to a hair over 92 yards.

Last year I passed up some does walking by me seated on the ground at 6 yards, and also passed up the largest buck I've ever seen in the wild at 575 yards. I spotted him with binoculars laying in a honeysuckle thicket along a fencerow way across a large open field. I could have got to about 400 yards of him, but I was armed only with a shotgun and a revolver, so I just marked the spot for this coming year. Hope he survives to give me another chance!
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