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Man O Man, you just made my day (little Dirty Harry lingo there) I thought I had at least 2 or every Josey Wales picture out there...and here you come with this beauty. I copied that puppy to My Pics faster than a Road Agent's Spin or if you prefer-faster than a Border Roll

In the Movie, Clint is so awesome, he doesn't even need sites on the end of them ol' hog legs to knock men down at 50 yards, he's that good. But holding up 2 Walkers all day filming? that's pretty tough stuff.

Bill, it's obvious that Van Damme's pistols are not Walkers. Just wondering what the idea was to use this particular model? I think they look like Brassers to me, but other guys here say that's just the lights. I don't know, but it is great to see them on camara anyway, I reckon so.

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