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The young ones ARE great eating.

Right now in Texas, hogs are about the only thing you can hunt. No game seasons are open, that I know of.

If you do a googly search for hog hunting in central/west Texas, I imagine you will come up with a lot of suggestions. Unfortunately, those places that have websites usually want to charge quite a bit for the privilege of coming out and thinning out their hogs.

If you could find a farmer/rancher that wants hogs thinned out on his property, you might be able to set something up that is reasonable. I'm not sure how to do that, though.

There are hunts down in WAY south Texas for Nilgai, as well. There are a very few places to hunt riverbottoms between ranches, but the odds are against you there. It's probably easier to book a hunt for them... and I've heard that Nilgai is most excellent table fare.
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