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Just gotta be careful Doc, when you've finished the last couple of your Guinness stouts and all you have left is Schlitz, and you yell up to the house for wifey to bring you one. "Bring you a what?" Lol.

But seriously, glad you got to get out and have fun shooting. I just finished installing a new case hardened hammer and stainless (like) cylinders on my 1860's and need to get time to get out and shoot too.

Give this a try just for giggles and grins Doc. Try spraying your arbor with teflon lube rather than using some wet kind of lube. The teflon sprays on with a wet carrier, but quickly dries to a dry teflon residue that won't attract spent BP residue like a wet lube will. See if that helps with your cylinders binding.

Also since I use cornmeal over the powder in my chambers as a fire break instead of using grease over the ball, I find that it not only keeps my gun completely grease free, but also doesn't attract spent BP residue that ordinarily will mix with grease to create a gummy mess that gums up the arbor and barrel to cylinder gap area. So try using cornmeal over the powder charge under the balls instead of grease over the balls and try using teflon spray on the arbor instead of grease too. See what happens and let me know how that works for you.

"This is my Remy and this is my Colt. Remy loads easy and topstrap strong, Colt balances better and never feels wrong. A repro black powder revolver gun, they smoke and shoot lead and give me much fun. I can't figure out which one I like better, they're both fine revolvers that fit in my leather".
"To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target".

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