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What is your favorite hunting rifle caliber


Love all your comments, when I was 6-7 years old in my native Tijuana Mexico my twin sister and I attended the Saturday mornings matinee all dressed up in Cowboy gear with cap revolvers in and together we fought the bad guys, I fell in love with the old American West, made up my mind that someday I too will own a rifle and a revolver as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers did.

The old west is romantic as the firearms use to tame it bad, good or indifferent the old west is romantic.
Today now retired I still play cowboy and Indians I'm a life member SAAA by badge number is 24424L, shoot and owns Colt second generation revolvers as my daughters.
I own other rifles a Mauser side x side .375 HH Mag, several 06's a .243 Win. and a few Winchester levers.

Romance is like beauty only exits in the eyes of the beholder


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