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Cartridges by category

WildBill45 Says:

Romantic calibers would be the .416 Rigby, 7x57 Mauser, .270 Winchester, and .470 Nitro.

Practical calibers are 30'06, 30-30, and the .22.

Workhorse calibers would be all the above Romantic Calibers, and the practical calibers, PLUS, the 300 mags, 308, and 223.

Romantic calibers are romantic because of Romantic writings ... Hemingway, Ruark, and Carmichel!

OK WB45,

Got 3 rifles in your "Romantic" category.
Only one, a 22LR, in your "Practical" category.
My "working" rifle is a sporterized Mauser in 9.3x62.

PS: Think you should add a "Sentimental" category for my Granddad's M1 carbine.
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