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Good choice. Honestly either way you went would have been a good choice. The lee will make just as accurate of ammo as the other does, and the auto index is really nice! I went to make some 9mm the other day, it had been a while and I couldn't remember where I put the indexing rod.... I was only making 50 rounds, so i decided to just index my hand and find it later.... After about 5 rounds, I stopped and FOUND the dang rod.... Once you have done it with the auto index, its maddening to do it without, SOOOOO much slower...

If you don't like it your not out that much. OK now you have to buy the Redding and your out the price of two presses and one you do not like.:barf:

Someone use's this as a sign off: "The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory." Aldo Gucci

Use that statment as a guide to what you buy.
Since the OP has purchased his press, I can asking without fear of hijacking....

Please tell us what specificaly you didnt like about your lee press?
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