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what is your favorite hunting rifle caliber

My all time favorite caliber is the .45-70US, I own a total of five rifles in this romantic caliber some of my rifle are first generation others are of the modern type, I love to hunt with a single shot rifle in this caliber and have hunted in Alaska, Montana, South Africa and here in California.

Here is what I currently own

1- Winchester Hotchkiss, carbine number 1, circa 1879, military model,
5 round bolt action repeater, first bolt accion. (NRA condition good)

2. Springfield carbine (trapdoor) model 1873, manufactured in 1877, upgraded to 1884 specs at Springfield, buffington rear sight, my jewel has all the first generation tools and 3 piece cleaning rod (stored in butt) NRA good condition.

3- Martini Henry IV circa 1889, on this rifle a close friend manufactured a barrel sleeve to allow me to shoot a .45-70 round.
My Martini Henry I use for medium range long range cowboy matches at the gun club that I belong, the barrel sleeve can easily be remove to return the rifle to it's original caliber, the exterior of my Martin Henry is as issue with bayonet with matching numbers.

4. Browning 1886 5 Round lever action manufactured in circa 1986 one of 500 manufactured, 24 inch full octagonal barrel, NRA Condition excellent,

5-. Harrington and Richardson, 1873 (trap door) 45-70 Officer's short rifle manufactured in 1982
in excellent condition.

Sorry about not uploading photos but my system does not allow me to post photos.


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