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Wow, you ramble like a pro, awesome. Federal Champion is not the absolute bottom of the barrel. Nor is Winchester White Box. I don't expect it to run steel case, i.e. Tul. However if it won't run either of those two brands, which my SIGs and HKs and other 1911s have never had a problem with, then I really don't care. If you disagree, congrats ! I guess I'm fortunate that it's my gun, I can do with it what I want. If I was wrong in expecting it to work with those brands, then I will accept the fault.

Btw 400 rounds have been put through the gun at this point, so it's not a matter of one faulty box. My HK45 has shared running that same ammo, from the same box, with no issues. Now hey if Federal comes out with a massive recall at some point then I guess I'll have egg on my face.
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