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I load on a Dillon 650 - with a case volue is easily 800 - 1,000 rds an hour ( if all you're doing is cycling the handle).

Changing over calibers...15 min or so ( its not a speed drill ) --- I clean up the press, lube everything, clean the dies I'm removing for next time..clean the case feeder plate..wipe out the case feeder, etc.../ but it just takes a few minutes. I have tool heads setup for every caliber I load ...with a powder measure and a powder check die adjusted and installed unless I change bullets or powder or something ...change over is real easy.

If I go from large to small pistol primers...I change the primer system too ...and take it apart and clean it as well ...for next time. But that only adds 5 min at the most...( take one off - and clean it - and put the other one on the press ).
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