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Bart B,

So if I am extrapolating this correctly;
Ball dumps better.
Stick dumps worse.
Ball isn't as consistent.
Stick gives better groups.

The physics are far beyond me. I have a headache now.

Thinking out of the 'box', so to speak. Is it the shape of the propellant or the makeup of the paste used to make the shape? Extruded is/was higher in free acid, thus the shortened usable life span. Could that have a burn/pressure effect on consistency? Or, maybe the graphite added to ball for various reasons that upsets the burn/pressure mix?

I am so not wanting to be a chemical engineer for a powder manufacture.

You know Bart that I will worry about this. Can I blame you

Good info. Thanks,

I will still be using 748 for the majority of my .223/5.56 loads.

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