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I've found that 1911 ambidextrous safeties (especially those with extended lever paddles) habitually disengage due to external pressures against 1) the safety itself or 2) the holster body (which then transmits that pressure, flipping the safety off).

I will not carry a 1911 with an ambi safety, and I will only use a holster with a sweatguard that is molded/boned with a thumb safety indentation.

As you noted, you still have a well protected trigger and a functioning grip safety. The first time that event occurred in my holster, my hair stood on end when I discovered it. Nowadays, I just periodically check it throughout the course of the day and drive on. No big deal.
Agreed. I also will only carry a 1911 with a firing pin safety (e.g. Colt Series 80 or Kimber) specifically to provide one additional block against Murphy tryin' to ruin my day.
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