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I have worked on one trigger...

...I was replacing a trigger in a Remington and decided to fiddle with the pull.

I bought myself a scale and messed with it. I can't remember specifically but I think I recall getting it down to about two pounds.

I decided that for my shooting it is not worth the effort.

This is another instance of the negative impacts of shooting alone (as I always do). If I shot with others who really know what they are doing I might be able to learn just how much trigger pull can effect the outcome.

I have handled pistols in which the owner worked on the trigger and I did not like them. I handled an 1860 Uberti in which the trigger pull was so light you almost didn't have to touch it. It was at a gun show and while looking at it the hammer fell becaused I just brushed the trigger as I was putting my finger in the trigger guard. It was very embarrassing.

On the other hand I still have an 1851 pattern Sheriff with a good trigger pull and when I was still shooting it the darned thing was a great shooter.

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