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Update...I'm 2 days away from having the metal pins removed from my finger.

I've been training left handed and let me tell you..It's as bipolar as my ex girlfriend. I can't shoot for the life of me a tight group even close to what I can do with my right hand. :/ I am very discouraged..Not gonna lie.

It is however, progressing a lot. So far it bends on it's own 90 degrees..Just really weak. The pins keep scratching me up from the inside. Kinda annoying lol not the worst I've ever been through. Believe me..just weird. the range today..left handed..Finally shot my Glock 22 since I found 2 boxes of ammo laying around. My once favorite caliber (.40) stressed me out. I even limp wristed and jammed the poor thing once. -__- didn't even manage that one handed with the Glock 21sf a month ago. Weird... Anyways..Shot my SIG since that's what I've been carrying at 8:00 since this whole thing happened. Not too bad with that thankfully. My buddy gave me his Glock 26 barrel. Well..lone wolf. To swap into my Glock 27 And did well with that..

Maybe I should carry the 27/26 now? Idk...

I miss my right trigger finger O_O
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