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Bart B.
"A bit of history from Winchester............"

Very interesting.
Please continue.

One story I picked up, I have no idea if it has any validity, was that old government stores of smokeless powders dating from 'The War to End All Wars' were deteriorating. As it is a nitro cellulose mix, it was becoming hazardous. This 'waste' was bought up by Winchester and was loaded into milk trucks filled with water and chalk, nullifying the dangers, for transport to their facilities.
The story sound good, how true it may be is up in the air. Inaccuracies are probable.

Back in the mid 70s, I got a good deal on 630 powder, two 8 lbs tube cans. As I only use it for my heavy .44 loads, I still have 4 to 5 pounds in one of the cans. It (the 630 powder) meters like water, is very consistent and provides all of the capabilities I want in high energy pistol powder.

As of late I have been using H110/296 for a totally different loading need. The H110/296 seems to be a rougher surfaced product. It meters well enough and does what I desire.

More directly to the subject of this thread. Of all of the powders I have used over the last 48 or so years, I have liked the 'ball' types better for metering.
Yet, some of the old stand by extruded/stick powders do have their places and I use them, a lot.


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