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CCI vs Remington primers

I've been reloading for over ten years now and have used CCI primers almost exclusively. All of my pet loads I worked up with CCIs. Well, CCIs have become scarce around here and one gun store worker told me that they have been having trouble stocking them for a while and can't take orders. Sportsman's Warehouse was the only place I could find that had any brand of large and small pistol primers in stock, and that brand was Remington. I bought 1000 of each as I'm almost out of primers. My question is how much difference will the Remingtons have over the CCIs? Can I just substitute them or do I need to work up my loads all over again? Maybe just try a few rounds with the new primers and my existing loads and chronograph them and see what difference, if any, they make? I load 357, 9mm, 45 ACP and 45 Colt. I do all of my chrono testing with my Blackhawk convertibles so I have a whole lot of leeway if I go a little over pressure. That and when I'm testing auto pistol rounds I don't need to be distracted about where my brass is landing and I can concentrate on not shooting my chronograph!
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