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Yeah I was just doing a random search because Rob has a coupon code section on his site but ran across this. It aggravated me so much I had to register for the forum just so I could post a reply.
(Although I will now be using this forum, excellent topics)

Rob is super professional, extremely customer friendly, and has even worked with me on several occasions to get me the best deal possible. I have ordered over 20 blue guns from him now and haven't had one single issue, and if you look around his prices for the blue guns and even shipping is the best around. He only charges $3.00 per additional item. It may be a dollar or two more on one item, but it's cheaper than anywhere else if you get more than one. So with his prices, great customer service, along super fast response time and shipping makes him hands down one of the best people online to deal with if you're looking for anything he sells.

It's the nature of online business. Once an item is out of a sellers hands a business cannot be responsible for everything that happens. If you buy something online and the PO lost it, or who knows some kids could have ganked it off your front porch. So the seller is supposed to be responsible because you live in a bad neighborhood or that your too lazy to contact the PO? This is the reason we have tracking and insurance. If there is some question of whether he actually sends his items. Do not worry, he is a honest reputable merchant.

Oh, and I've used those mailers too. You know People- the all plastic ones that you literally have to rip open because the adhesive fuses to the plastic bag. These bags don't just open on their own. speaks for itself - One experience and you will know why I don't even give the other guys a chance anymore.

Keep up the good work Rob! and thanks for your superior service!
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