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I just got the stock off of it and everything matches, the trigger block has 7679, the inside of the stock stamped in the wood has 7679, and the receiver has the 7679. The stock does have 2 holes on the top of the thumb loop which I believe would be for the factory peep sight. Does anyone know if this would of come with one assuming the gun I have is from the first year of production?

Other than that the butt plate is chipped, stock has a small crack inline with the wood grains & the top butt plate screw hole, a forearm grip screw is missing and that's it.

Would one want to shy away from firing this gun for value sake? I fired it today & it works great. Barrel looks like it was never cleaned though & it is soaking right now.

Any help is appreciated as I just started my antique gun collecting today

I got a lot of guns just not ones over 100 years old!!!
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